Client Success Stories

Success Story 1:

The owner of a 150 employee manufacturing firm realized that getting his company to the next level of success meant he personally needed to grow and become a more effective leader.  Through coaching, Karen helped him realize that he would improve his effectiveness by learning to trust and empower his senior leadership team and helping them to be better leaders.  They developed and executed a plan to accomplish this.  As his leadership presence grew through the coaching, he realized its value and extended the coaching to include other key members of his leadership team.  The company has recently moved to a new expanded facility, gained new customers and become more profitable.


Success Story 2:

A senior director of a not-for-profit organization was dealing with the pain of organizational change and growth.  By identifying the triggers of the pain, Karen was able to assist her as she stepped into her new role and established herself as a confident and successful leader.


Success Story 3:

A small business owner, after facing several set-backs was losing his confidence and was struggling to get his new business off the ground.  Karen found a way to re-ignite and inspire his entrepreneurial spirit which resulting in him exceeding his financial expectations in his first year of business.


Success Story 4:

A mid-management person, after more than 25 years with a large bank, was a year away from retirement and wanted to ensure he left a meaningful legacy.  With Karen’s help he identified the meaningful actions he needed to take so that he would leave knowing his work was completed and that the people left behind would be better having worked with him.


Success Story 5:

Karen worked with a team of CEO’s from a sector that wanted to elevate the awareness of the importance of their sector to the local economy.   Karen assembled and directed the team and facilitated the development of a plan to assist them in achieving the group objectives while ensuring each individual’s voice was heard.


Success Story 6:

A mid-sized company in the transportation sector wanted to help their middle managers become better leaders and more effective at setting and achieving goals.  Through a customized training program and ongoing one-on-one coaching, managers have become more confident and the company has recently secured significant new contracts.


Success Story 7:

As the result of a merger, the CEO of a financial services sector organization struggled with how to assimilate some members of the newly formed executive team.  By providing one-on-one coaching for a key member of the team, Karen was able to help her identify her strengths and how to bring her best value to the new organizational structure while doing so in a way that is in alignment with her professional goals and personal values.


Success Story 8:

A senior executive in a professional services firm was looking for a way to make a meaningful and positive impact at work, while achieving both her career goals and creating the family life that she valued.  Coaching helped her assess what was most important to her, set priorities and boundaries around the parts that where most important, and consciously let go of the rest.  While she initially thought she might have to give up on the idea of having a family, she has since realized that she can be a productive and contributing leader in her firm while creating the personal life she longed for.